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Listings for CBBC on Saturday, June 2 2018

06:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes, plus loads more! Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am to 9.00pm. 
07:00Arthur Brain Gets Hooked Animation. Brain ignores his friends and schoolwork when he gets hooked on the latest tween reality show, Junior Island. How can he break his addiction? [S] 
07:15Shaun the Sheep Pigs Swill Fly Children's animation. The farm is looking spotless and everyone is on their best behaviour when the dreaded farm inspector pays a visit. Also in HD. [S] 
07:20The Zoo 15/15. Woody's Top Ten: Comedy series following real-life animals in a zoo. A countdown of the top 10 clips, selected by the narrator and assisted by Woody the baboon. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
07:35Class Dismissed 6/11. World Book Day: Comedy series. It's World Book Day and the Dockbridge High staff are very excited about showing off their costumes. Also in HD. [S] 
07:50Hacker Time Robbie Savage More top-line entertainment from the pooch with pedigree. Hacker tackles Robbie Savage with some footie banter. Also in HD. [S] 
08:20Newsround Topical news magazine for children. Also in HD. [S] 
08:25The Playlist The show where you control the running order and every week, different pop celebs play you the tracks you love, chosen by you on the CBBC website. Also in HD. [S] 
08:45Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch The Snake Boy Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch cook for the animals at London Zoo - the human kind! Jack and Megan head straight to the reptile house! Also in HD. [S] 
09:05Officially Amazing Goes Bunkers Record attempts from around the world. Australian professional skateboarder Nikki Rose Quinlan takes on a world record in preparation for the Olympics. Also in HD. [S] 
09:35Art Ninja 2 Day of the Spider Ricky draws and paints with his friends and family. Gavin brings round his new pet and Ricky makes butterfly art inspired by Damien Hirst. Also in HD. [S] 
10:05The Dengineers Plane Den Mark and Lauren get the help of experts to design dream dens for children. The team build 11-year-old Philip his own den where he can build model planes. Also in HD. [S] 
10:35The Dog Ate My Homework Iain Stirling hosts the school-based comedy panel show. He is joined by child team captains Toby and Daisy and special guests Ben Shires, Suzi Ruffell, Stu Goldsmith and Bec Hill. Also in HD. [S] 
11:00Strange Hill High 5/14. Big Mouth Strikes Again: Animated series. Three friends investigate the bizarre occurrences at their inner-city school. Becky's health snacks provoke a fairy tale figure. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
11:25Horrible Histories Revolting Russian Revolutions Tsar Nicholas II gives tips for survival in Russia's extreme climate. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
11:55Just Kidding 7/13. Comedy show that puts kids in the driver's seat and lets them loose to concoct the most preposterous pranks. And who better to fool than unsuspecting adults? Also in HD. [S] 
12:15Newsround Topical news magazine for children. Also in HD. [S] 
12:25Officially Amazing Mini! 5/10. More from the Officially Amazing team. Ben Shires is in London to meet three women desperate to set a new world record for double-dutch skipping. Also in HD. [S] 
12:35Fit 8/13. Sketch show for sports fans. Featuring the world's most annoying dad, who commentates over everything, the rudest leisure centre receptionist and the Health Swat Team. Also in HD. [S] 
13:05Newsround Topical news magazine for children. Also in HD. [S] 
13:10The Dumping Ground 7/13. Endurance: Drama series. A very long night ensues when two opposing Dumping Ground teams take up a bizarre telly challenge. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
13:40The Dumping Ground 8/13. I Have a Dream: Drama series. Faith and Rick are at loggerheads, while Mo and Bailey become unlikely allies. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
14:05The Dumping Ground 9/13. Sticks and Stones: Drama series. Bailey's dreams are thrown into jeopardy when his football coach shows his true colours. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
14:35The Dumping Ground 10/13. GI Johnny: Drama series. When Johnny tackles a mugger, he discovers hidden talents that point to a possible new future for him. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
15:05The Dumping Ground 11/13. Be My Girl: Drama series. Floss meets some prospective parents, while Rick and Carmen's friendship is tested to breaking point. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
15:30The Dumping Ground 12/13. Hope: Drama series. Johnny and Tee have very different reactions when their mother reappears in their lives. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
16:00The Dumping Ground 13/13. Face the Music: Drama series. Frank's new job is jeopardised when he is reunited with an old friend. Also in HD. [AD,S] 
16:30Operation Ouch! 11/13. Series about the world of medicine and biology. The doctors take on their smelliest investigation yet and Dr Xand visits the largest blood factory in the world. Also in HD. [S] 
16:55Remotely Funny Donkey Town Game show. Saara is in Donkey Town where she connects three contestants from all over the UK via remote Wi-Fi for games and mayhem. Also in HD. [S] 
17:20Help! My Mini School Trip Is Magic 8/10. Undercover magicians surprise kids with magic tricks. James demonstrates some magical exercise equipment at Twickenham rugby stadium. Also in HD. [S] 
17:25Ali-A's Superchargers 6/10. Spoiler Alert: Ali-A helps Lancashire lad Brandan transform his family car forever, both inside and out. But what will Brandan's mum think of the car's sporty modifications? Also in HD. [S] 
17:45Taking the Next Step Final And The Winner Is...: The final three dancers perform one last time for the judges, hoping to claim the prize and secure a guest role on the Canadian TV show The Next Step. Also in HD. [S] 
18:15Wild & Weird 2 Peculiar Pets Tim and Naomi search the natural world for all things weird, this time featuring pets, and a trip to rabbit island where fluffy muggings are commonplace. Also in HD. [S] 
18:30Ice Stars Taking on the World Documentary series following young ice skaters. Josh is in Hungary representing Great Britain in his first ever world championships. Also in HD. [S] 
19:00Show Me What You're Made Of: UK Eggs Five kids work alongside the people in the UK who make and do the things they rely on. They are on their final stop, at one of the biggest free-range egg farms in the country. Also in HD. [S] 
19:30Absolute Genius: Monster Builds 1/8. Deep Underground: Dick and Dom don their hard hats and head underground to reveal the three tunnelling geniuses whose ideas revolutionised the way we dig deep below the earth. Also in HD. [S] 
20:00Operation Ouch! Dr Chris and Dr Xand find out what happens when you eat with the help of a miniature Xand doll, and Dr Chris is at work fighting infectious diseases. Also in HD. [S] 
20:30Officially Amazing Goes Bunkers 3/15. Skipping Dogs, Jumping Jacks, the Moffats Return: Record attempts from around the world. Motoring marvels the Moffatt Brothers return, along with a dog that can skip. Also in HD. [S] 
21:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes, plus loads more! Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am to 9.00pm. 
00:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes, plus loads more! Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am to 9.00pm. 
03:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes, plus loads more! Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am to 9.00pm. 
06:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes, plus loads more! Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am to 9.00pm.