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Listings for CBBC on Sunday, February 24 2019

06:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am. 
07:00Arthur 14/20. Animated adventures of a young aardvark. When DW saves Tommy and Timmy from a nasty fall, they decide to repay the favour - whether DW likes it or not. [S] 
07:15Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Animated series. When the gang's sausages go missing, and they discover gnashed bicycle wheels and one of Gnasher's teeth, it seems like there's only one suspect. [S] 
07:25Danger Mouse Animated series. Count Duckula is back, and he is determined to take over the world, one terrible TV show at a time. [S] 
07:35Now You See It 2/15. Clips of the best and worst magic tricks from around the world. Featuring Chinese magician Yif, a car with an invisible driver, and a scary trick with a spider. [S] 
07:45Diddy TV Diddy Dick and Dom have their very own TV station. They meet an ancient tribe called the Dinkas and there's a huge cash prize to be won in Diddy or No Diddy. [S] 
08:00Danny and Mick Comedy series. Pop star Zoe Now arrives to open the new reception. Joy asks Danny and Mick to welcome her, but their attempts at hospitality leave her without a voice. [S] 
08:15Max and Harvey: FOMO 20/25. Max and Harvey are joined by special guests, including Rhett and Link and Saffron Barker. The boys suggest the best bits of CBBC to download. [S] 
08:30New: The Dog Ate My Homework 4/12. Iain Stirling is joined by child team captains Harry and Ffion and special guests Darren Harriott, Vic Cook, Stevie Martin and Jarred Christmas, who battle it out. [S] 
09:00New: Blue Peter: Lotsa LOLs We take a look at the amazing work that Comic Relief does and remind you of the nominees for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2019. [S] 
09:30New: Art Ninja 8/15. Ricky's aunt has sent him an antique ornament, but it's disgusting so he can't wait to get rid of it. It does inspire him to make some timeless art though. [S] 
09:50Operation Ouch! Clips from Operation Ouch! Dr Chris and Dr Xand investigate what is in your farts and burps, and why we do them. [S] 
09:55Newsround Topical news magazine for children. [S] 
10:00Chicken Run Film Award-winning animation about a band of hens desperate to escape a life of egg-laying on a chicken farm. With the voices of Mel Gibson, Julia Sawalha and Miranda Richardson. [1998] [S,AD] 
11:20Odd Squad 18/80. The Odd Squad investigate strange events. Ms O tells the story of how she defeated a villain called the Patternista back when she was an agent. [S,AD] 
11:30Horrible Histories 9/15. Historical sketch show. There is public confusion when King Charles II bans coffee shops, and Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II meets some smelly peasants on Historical Wife Swap. [S,AD] 
12:00Newsround Topical news magazine for children. [S] 
12:05Naomi's Nightmares of Nature 4/10. Naomi Wilkinson's global search for nightmarish critters takes her to South Africa where she delves deep into a scary subterranean world. [S] 
12:35The Pets Factor 8/10. Cheryl performs surgery on Gilbert, a tiny hamster with a big problem. James throws a party for gentle giant Derek, a great dane puppy who just wants to fit in. [S] 
12:55Operation Ouch! Dr Chris and Dr Xand reveal where your blood comes from, Dr Chris meets a patient undergoing life-changing brain surgery and there is a trick to test the powers of concentration. [S] 
13:25My Life Ella introduces her extraordinary world of wheelchair skating. With the World WCMX championships coming up in Texas, how will Ella and her friends do? [S,AD] 
13:55Newsround Topical news magazine for children. [S] 
14:00Wolfblood 8/13. Maddy Smith hides an extraordinary secret. During a sleepover with her friends at Shannon's, Maddy is given wolfsbane and fails to control her inner wolf. [S,AD] 
14:30Wolfblood 9/13. Maddy Smith hides an extraordinary secret. Rhydian agrees to spend the full moon in the den with Maddy and her parents. [S,AD] 
14:55Wolfblood 10/13. Maddy Smith hides an extraordinary secret. Rhydian's past catches up with him, and he has a big decision to make. [S,AD] 
15:25Wolfblood 11/13. Maddy Smith hides an extraordinary secret. Maddy discovers a new wolf sense and can't get enough of it, but will this new obsession destroy her? [S,AD] 
15:55Wolfblood 12/13. Maddy Smith hides an extraordinary secret. It's a full moon and beast-hunter Kyle enlists Shannon and Tom to help him track down the beast of Stoneybridge. [S,AD] 
16:20Wolfblood 13/13. Maddy Smith hides an extraordinary secret. Rhydian's brother shows up in town, and Shannon finds something that is irresistible to all wolfbloods. [S,AD] 
16:50Horrible Histories 6/13. Historical sketch show. Henry VIII promotes his all-meat, no-vegetables diet plan, and Admiral Nelson confuses everyone with his last words. [S,AD] 
17:15The Playlist Celebrity guests play their favourite tracks. [S] 
17:40My Life 2/8. A look at the life of Peter who, at just 14 years old, is the youngest stunt motorbike rider in Europe and one of the most popular performers in his parents' circus. [S,AD] 
18:10Gym Stars Series following young gymnasts. After success at the Scottish Championships, Finn and Kirsten have their sights firmly set on selection for Acro World Championships. [S] 
18:35Our School Documentary series following Year 7 students. This year's big Year 7 fundraising project is in aid of a charity that builds and runs schools in Kenya. [S,AD] 
19:00Top Class Susan Calman presents the search to find the UK's smartest school. In this first-round heat, Hamilton College take on Chalfont. [S] 
19:30New: The Dumping Ground Chloe is furious when she's overlooked for a trip to the cinema. With advice from Ryan about how to get what she wants, Chloe tests the boundaries of life in the DG. [S,AD] 
20:004 O'Clock Club 7/13. Comedy about two brothers at the same school - one as a pupil, the other as a new teacher. Josh needs Dexter's help to finish off some new tracks. [S] 
20:30The Next Step Reality-style drama series. TNS West needs two more dancers to round out their team, and Piper thinks she may have found the perfect new recruit. [S] 
20:50New: Diddy Bits 19/20. Diddy Dick and Dom have their very own TV station. Featuring hard-hitting documentaries, brilliant game shows and award-winning dramas not! Aunty meets her match in Kiss Chase. [S] 
21:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am. 
00:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am. 
03:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am. 
06:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am.