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Listings for CBBC on Saturday, April 20 2019

06:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am. 
07:00Arthur 16/20. Animated adventures of a young aardvark. Arthur offers to babysit so that his parents can enjoy some peace and quiet in the backyard. 
07:15Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Animated series. Walter launches his own mega-dull, hypnotic TV channel with a signal booster that swamps all other channels. 
07:25Danger Mouse Animated series. Danger Mouse and Penfold have to repeat the same day over and over to stop a time-altering Duckula. [S,AD] 
07:35Kung Fu Panda: Secrets Of The... ...Furious Five. Kung Fu Panda spin-off special. Ordered to teach a martial arts class of rambunctious bunny kittens, Po tells stories of each of the Furious Five's pasts. [2008] 
08:00Class Dismissed 7/12. Following four Year 8 pupils at an extraordinary school. There's a pigeon on the loose inside the school and caretaker Dave is determined to catch it. [S] 
08:15Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch Tilly is taking on her dad Gordon in a barbecue face-off. Tilly also invites one of California's hottest DJs, DJ Slushii, to come over and give her bother Jack a lesson. [S] 
08:35Newsround Topical news magazine for children. [S] 
08:40The Playlist Celebrity guests choose their favourite tracks. [S] 
09:00The Deep The Aronnax and Alpheus's sub are trapped within a giant jellyfish! They've been eaten and the jellyfish won't let food out! [S] 
09:20Nine Minute Ninja Ricky makes art in nine minutes. Ricky's feeling mischievous as he makes a beautiful bouquet with a secret surprise. 
09:35Operation Ouch! Dr Chris and Dr Xand reveal how your brain controls your body in a lab experiment, and Dr Ronx finds out how learning pet first aid can help save your furry friends. [S] 
10:05Art Ninja Gavin can't find the right animal costume to run the local marathon. Ricky helps him decide by making a piranha fish bag and a baboon chalk picture. [S] 
10:35HH: Gory Games Game show. Horrible Historians Chineme, Sam and Freya travel down the time sewer to play quirky quizzes and disgusting games. 
11:00Strange Hill High 11/14. Animated series. Becky discovers that the old rabbit costume she has found in the locker room brings luck to both her and the school. However, there is a catch. [S,AD] 
11:25Danny and Mick Comedy series. Joy wants to open a luxury spa centre at Pottsfield and vlogger Luke Cutforth is the first guest. Danny and Mick must put together a luxury treatment. [S,AD] 
11:35Diddy TV Diddy Dick and Dom have their very own TV station. It's the annual EuroDiddy Song Contest! Also, there's a new episode of Worrying Mum and Dad. [S] 
11:50Now You See It 14/15. Clips of the best and worst magic tricks from around the world. An animal-filled episode, featuring tricks with a dog, cat and rabbit. 
12:00Scream Street 44/52. Animated series. Resus would do anything to be a proper vampire, but messing with nature always has consequences, as he discovers. 
12:15Newsround Topical news magazine for children. [S] 
12:20Katy Drama series. With the added pressure of starting a new school, Katy must adjust to her life in a wheelchair, and Izzie is her main carer at home. [S] 
12:50Creeped Out Mysterious stories. Ace is an amazing aromatologist in an old-fashioned circus, but just how did he get there and where does he really belong? [S] 
13:15Newsround Topical news magazine for children. [S] 
13:254 O'Clock Club Darnesh has to eat a jar of picked eggs before the sell-by date expires. And Eli sees the girl of his dreams but makes the mistake of involving Fleur and Eleesha in his lovelife. 
13:50Jamie Johnson Hoping that Cup glory can convince Jack to return, Jamie seeks to impress new coach Molly but as Phoenix FC hold trials for a new U12s team, will they spoil his plans? [S,AD] 
14:20The Dumping Ground Drama series set in a children's home. Floss seeks out a new adventure during a tech ban, but her curiosity leads her into danger. [AD] 
14:50The Dumping Ground Drama series set in a children's home. Sasha is forced to face her demons when a planned trip to the beach goes horribly wrong. [AD] 
15:20The Dumping Ground Drama series set in a children's home. It's Halloween, and Tyler and the DG gang investigate the ghostly tale of old Lady Thriftpenny. [AD] 
15:45The Dumping Ground Drama series set in a children's home. A couple comes forward to adopt the twins, but Toni doesn't share Billie's enthusiasm about the chance for a fresh start. [AD] 
16:15The Dumping Ground Drama series set in a children's home. Mike and Jody embark on an elaborate plan to retrieve Jody's phone, which has been locked up after she pranked Mike. [AD] 
16:45The Dumping Ground Drama series set in a children's home. Sasha is locked in the bathroom, where her liberation comes in the form of Josh and she faces the biggest risk she's ever taken. [AD] 
17:15The Dumping Ground Drama series set in a children's home. After some money disappears, a kangaroo court is set up to find the truth and Joseph and Jody soon become the prime suspects. [AD] 
17:45My Life 3/10. Documentary series. Josh, Ella and Hope all have one thing in common, they have a grandparent with dementia. [S,AD] 
18:10Art Ninja 6/15. Ricky is surprised to find out that Rich has embraced his inner hippie and wants to become 'at one' with nature. It inspires Ricky to make a pineapple plant pot. [S] 
18:35Ice Stars Documentary series following young ice skaters. Figure skaters Josh and Kloe must pull out all the stops to impress a very royal visitor. [S] 
19:00Show Me What You're Made Of Five kids live and work alongside the people in Britain who make and do the things they rely on. The kids head to a fish-processing factory in the north eastern port of Grimsby. [S] 
19:30Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom 8/10. Dick and Dom reveal the genius of food expert Elsie Widdowson, who helped to devise wartime rationing. Under her diet, Britain was the healthiest it had ever been. [S] 
20:00Operation Ouch! Dr Chris uses a tiny camera to reveal what happens in his throat when he swallows food, and Dr Xand enters a special chamber that removes sensory data from his brain. [S] 
20:30Horrible Histories 13/13. Historical sketch show. In a special musical episode of the award-winning Horrible Histories, host Rattus Rattus chooses his favourite songs to entertain his young nephew. [S,AD] 
21:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am. 
00:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am. 
06:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am.