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Listings for BBC Parliament on Saturday, June 6 2020

04:50Impact of Coronavirus on... ...Businesses and Workers Committee. The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy select committee session on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on businesses and workers, from Thursday 4 June. 
07:05Lords Questions - Thursday Questions in the House of Lords, from Thursday 4 June. 
07:50Economic Impact of Coronavirus... ...Committee. A session on the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, from Wednesday 3 June. 
10:20Scottish First Minister's... ...Questions. Questions in the Scottish Parliament to first minister Nicola Sturgeon from Wednesday 3 June. 
11:35Scottish Parliament - NHS... ...Scotland Debate. Debate in Holyrood on reopening core NHS services in Scotland, following the covid-19 outbreak, from Tuesday 2 June. 
13:25Scottish Parliament - Topical... ...Questions. Question session in the Scottish parliament, from Tuesday 2 June. 
14:00Northern Ireland Assembly -... ...Brexit Debate. Debate in the Northern Ireland Assembly on the implications of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union, from Monday 1 June. 
15:40Welsh First Minister's Questions Questions in the Senedd to first minister Mark Drakeford from Wednesday 3 June. 
16:45Welsh Parliament - Health... ...Statement. Statement from the health secretary Vaughan Gething on health services and covid-19 in Wales, from Wednesday 3 June. 
18:00Economic Impact of Coronavirus... ...Committee. A session on the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, from Wednesday 3 June. 
20:45BOOKtalk Mark D'Arcy talks to barrister and broadcaster Hashi Mohamed about his book People Like Us What it Takes to Make it in Modern Britain. 
21:00Coronavirus and Education... ...Committee. Education Committee session on the impact of the coronavirus on education, from Wednesday 3 June. 
23:05HARDtalk In India the coronavirus crisis has deepened tensions between the Hindu majority and Muslim minority. Is prime minister Modi stoking communal tensions even in a national emergency? 
23:30Management of the Coronavirus... ...Committee. The Health and Social Care select committee session on the management of the coronavirus outbreak, from Wednesday 3 June. 
01:45House of Lords - Thursday Business in the House of Lords on Thursday 4 June, including questions, a private notice question on Yemen, debates on the coronavirus and the economy.