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Listings for BBC HD on Saturday, September 22 2018

03:05This Is BBC Two HD Highlights of programmes on BBC Two HD. [HD] [S] 
06:35Top Class CBBC. Round 5: Nelson v Queen's: Susan Calman presents the search to find the UK's smartest school. Nelson Primary from London take on The Queen's School from Cheshire. [HD] [S] 
07:00Marrying Mum and Dad CBBC. The Home Front: Children organise a wedding for their unmarried parents or step-parents. In this time-travelling wedding, 12-year-old Cameron plans take everyone back to VE day. [HD] [S] 
07:30All Over the Place: Europe: Part 2 CBBC. Arnie, Impressionists and Wife Carrying: Ed Petrie and his friends find the most unusual places in Europe. They take part in the world wife-carrying competition in Finland. [HD] [S] 
08:00The Dengineers CBBC. 8/11. Train Den: Mark and Lauren get the help of experts to design dream dens for children. Ten-year-old Ben wants a den with space to help keep his trains running on time. [HD] [S] 
08:30Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom CBBC. 4/10. Faraday: Dick and Dom reveal the genius of Michael Faraday, a pioneer of electricity whose discoveries helped power the planet. [HD] [S] 
09:00Planet Dinosaur 4/6. Fight for Life: This episode of the documentary series focuses on the Jurassic period, a time when the first giant killers stalked the Earth and lurked in the seas. [HD] [AD,S] 
09:30Elephant Diaries 2/5. Series about orphaned baby elephants at the David Shelrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. Michaela Strachan finds out if a newly rescued baby has survived her first 24 hours. [HD] [S] 
10:00The Animal's Guide to Britain 2/4. Grassland Animals: Chris Packham presents the series that examines Britain from an animal's point of view. Chris burrows into the grassland to observe the eating habits of starlings. [AD,S] 
11:00Tiger Island 2/10. Wildlife documentary. Jungle tigers are turning into man-eaters in the exotic island of Sumatra. Now a maverick millionaire is catching the killers and releasing them on his land. [HD] [S] 
12:00The Incredible Spice Men 1/5. East Sussex: Cookery series with Tony Singh and Cyrus Todiwala. The two friends visit Hastings, spicing up some locally caught fish before taking on traditional fish and chips. [HD] [S] 
12:30Great British Menu South West - Starter: Culinary competition. Chefs from the south west meet their veteran judge and cook celebratory starters. Jude creates a playful savoury jelly and ice cream. [HD] [S] 
13:00Great British Menu South West - Fish: Culinary competition. Tom renowned cooks his take on a classic British fish supper in tribute to a charity which looks after the health of local fishermen. [HD] [S] 
13:30Tom Kerridge's Proper Pub Food 5/6. Sunday Lunches: Tom demonstrates his Sunday lunch skills, including an indulgent breakfast, two very different roast dinners complete with sides and even some delicious desserts. [HD] [AD,S] 
14:00Homes Under the Hammer Martin, Dion and Martel check out properties in Norwich, Brynmawr and Maidstone. One has a guide price of just ?8,000 but will need a pretty penny spent on it. [HD] [S] 
15:00Scrappers: Back in the Yard 5/6. The Italian Job: Documentary series following life in a Bolton scrapyard. At a car shredder factory, it's love at first sight for Terry but Lyndsay's not convinced. [HD] [AD,S] 
15:30Saving Lives at Sea Documentary following the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. At Anstruther station, one of the newest helms takes charge for his first shout to a serious medical evacuation. [HD] [AD,S] 
16:30Trust Me, I'm a Doctor Michael Mosley finds out whether a glass of wine can protect your blood vessels from the harmful effects of junk food. Giles Yeo sets out to test home breathalyser kits. [HD] [S] 
17:00Monkman & Seagull's Genius... ...Guide to Britain. 1/4. England: University Challenge icons Eric Monkman and Bobby Seagull road trip through England, showcasing an assortment of remarkable inventions. [HD] [S] 
17:30Ancient Invisible Cities 3/3. Istanbul: Classical historian Dr Michael Scott goes on an extraordinary journey through the often-invisible treasures of one of the greatest ancient cities in the world - Istanbul. [HD] [AD,S] 
18:30Champions League of Darts 2/4. Live coverage from the Brighton Centre, as the world's top eight players play their second round of games, where it is winner v winner and loser v loser in both group A and B. [HD] [S] 
22:30Performance Live: Hofesh... ...Shechter's Clowns. A macabre comedy dance film, asking how far will we go in the name of entertainment. [HD] [S] 
23:00Dancer Film An intimate portrait of ballet dancer Sergei Polunin. Contains some strong language. [HD] [2016] [S] 
00:20The Skin I Live In Film Spanish psychological thriller about a widowed plastic surgeon. In Spanish with English subtitles. Contains very strong language, sexual content and sexual violence. [HD] [2011] [S] 
02:10Trust 2/10. Lone Star: As word of his grandson's kidnapping spreads, J Paul Getty sends his trusted fixer to Rome to investigate the mysterious disappearance. Contains some strong language. [HD] [AD,S] 
03:10This Is BBC Two HD Highlights of programmes on BBC Two HD. [HD] [S]