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Listings for BBC HD on Saturday, November 24 2018

03:20This Is BBC Two HD Highlights of programmes on BBC Two HD. [HD] [S] 
06:40Top Class CBBC. Semi-Final 2: Seaside v Stanley: Susan Calman presents the search to find the UK's smartest school. In this semi-final, Seaside Primary take on Stanley Primary. [HD] [S] 
07:10All Over the Place: Europe: Part 2 CBBC. Zip Lines, Donkey Cheese and Mud Olympics: Ed Petrie and friends visit unusual places in Europe. They ride on the world's only cross-border zip line from Spain to Portugal. [HD] [S] 
07:40Wild & Weird 2 CBBC. Gruesome Goings-On: Tim and Naomi search the natural world for all things weird. They investigate a slime invading people's gardens and a plant that pretends to be a dead animal. [HD] [S] 
07:55Show Me What You're Made Of CBBC. 3/5. Pineapple Farm: Five kids work and live with the people in Ghana who make their favourite things. The kids travel to Nsawam to work on a pineapple farm. [HD] [S] 
08:25Got What It Takes? CBBC. Public Vote: It's the semi-final and the seven remaining singers are put to the test in a performance at the world-famous Metropolis recording studio. [HD] [S] 
09:00Super Smart Animals 1/2. From skateboarding dogs to chimp maths geniuses, Liz Bonnin searches for the planet's most intelligent animals, and John Humphrys puts a goldfish through its paces on Mastermind. [HD] [S] 
10:00Bearwalker of the Northwoods 1/14. Wildlife documentary. In the forests of northern Minnesota, biologist Lynn Rogers gains the trust of wild black bears and studies their lives. [HD] [S] 
11:00Homes Under the Hammer A former shop and flat in Haverfordwest in Wales, a maisonette in Raynes Park just outside London and a house in Erdington in the Midlands are sold at auction. [HD] [AD,S] 
12:00Rick Stein From Venice to Istanbul 7/7. Rick Stein's culinary odyssey has brought him from Venice to Istanbul, where he arrives in time for the bluefish season and catches a few himself while fishing on the Bosphorus. [HD] [AD,S] 
13:00Hollywood Actresses: Talking... ...Pictures. Sylvia Syms looks back on the legendary leading ladies of Hollywood - the glamorous and often powerful stars who helped define what it was to be a woman in cinema's golden age. [S] 
13:45Move Over, Darling Film Romantic caper about a man with a new wife who encounters much confusion when his previous wife - presumed dead after a plane crash five years earlier - reappears. [HD] [1963] [S] 
15:30Flog It! Compilation Antiques series. Some of the most interesting finds from the show's travels, including the Milestones Museum in Basingstoke and the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. [HD] [S] 
16:15Make Me a Dealer 11/20. Katie and Noman: Paul Martin teaches people the tricks of the antiques trade. Today he is in East Anglia with Katie Jeffryes and Noman Hussein, both from Essex. [HD] [S] 
17:00Rugby Union: Wales v South Africa Live coverage as the fiery passion of Wales meets the might of South Africa in the latest clash between the northern and southern hemisphere in the Autumn Internationals. [HD] [S] 
19:30Rugby Union: England v... ...Australia Highlights. Sonja McLaughlan introduces highlights as England attempt to round off their autumn series in style with a win over Ashes rivals Australia at Twickenham. [HD] [S] 
20:30Dad's Army 2/6. The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage: Classic sitcom. Mainwaring and his outfit, convinced that a German invasion has already begun, mount a gun placement at Private Godfrey's cottage. b&w. [S] 
21:00Evita: The Making of a Superstar Suzy Klein travels deep into the world of musical theatre, and the colourful landscapes of Argentina, to discover the story of one of the West End's most celebrated characters. [HD] [S] 
22:00QI XL 7/16. Picnics: Quiz show. Sandi Toksvig has a picnic with Alan Davies, Romesh Ranganathan, Rachel Parris and Richard Osman. [HD] [S] 
22:45Snowfall 8/10. Surrender: Drama series. Teddy finds that his work for the CIA is even further off the books than he realised. [HD] [AD,S] 
23:30Cold in July Film Richard (Michael C Hall) finds his life spins out of control after he kills an intruder. Contains strong language, some violence and disturbing scenes. [HD] [2014] [S] 
01:15A War Film The commander of a Danish unit in Afghanistan must make a difficult decision. In Danish with English subtitles. Contains strong language and some violence. [HD] [2015] [S] 
03:00This Is BBC Two HD Highlights of programmes on BBC Two HD. [HD] [S]