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Listings for BBC HD on Sunday, August 19 2018

01:40This Is BBC Two HD Highlights of programmes on BBC Two HD. [HD] [S] 
06:20Coast 17/24. The Secret Life Of Sea Cliffs: A journey around the coast of the United Kingdom. On the sea cliffs that surround Ramsey Island, Sarah Beynon hunts for dung beetles. [HD] [S] 
06:50The A to Z of TV Gardening 4/25. Letter D: A look at some of the BBC's most popular gardening programmes and personalities, presented by Carol Kirkwood. Carol explores subjects that all begin with the letter D. [S] 
07:35Gardeners' World The team set out on a horticultural adventure to celebrate the south Asian influences on British gardens. Monty Don visits a Hindu temple in Neasden, London. [HD] [AD,S] 
08:35Countryfile Nottinghamshire Matt, Ellie and Steve are in Nottinghamshire where Matt reports on the plight of the original Bramley apple tree and there's a double hit of wildlife from Ellie. [HD] [S] 
09:30The Beechgrove Garden 14/24. Gardening magazine. George and Carole taste-test a range of tomatoes. George also visits an arts and crafts house in Lockerbie. And Carole sees what's thriving in a drought. [HD] [S] 
10:00Saturday Kitchen Best Bites Matt Tebbutt takes a look back at some of his favourite recipes and best moments from Saturday Kitchen. [HD] [S] 
11:30Great British Menu North East - Main: Creative culinary competition. One chef dedicates his dish to the air ambulance staff who saved the life of his fiance. [HD] [S] 
12:00Great British Menu North East - Dessert: Creative culinary competition. One chef hopes to transform a childhood comfort classic into a show-stopping dessert. [HD] [S] 
12:30Great British Menu North East - Judging: Creative culinary competition. The two remaining chefs cook their 'Feast to Say Thank You' menus for Oliver Peyton, Matthew Fort, Andi Oliver and Anne Weaver. [HD] [S] 
13:00Hairy Bikers' Best of British 12/20. Shellfish: The Bikers cook up a beef and oyster pie and a crab and scallop mornay. After throwing a crayfish party, they explore a British classic now almost forgotten: the winkle. [HD] [S] 
14:00Sailing: World Championships... ...Highlights. Highlights of the Sailing World Championships in Aarhus, Denmark, where British hopes are headed by Olympic champion Hannah Mills. [HD] [S] 
15:00Motorsport: Ulster GP Highlights All the thrills you can handle from a combination of the world's best motorcycle road racers with one of the fastest circuits in the world. [HD] [S] 
16:00Seven Wonders of the Commonwealth Some of the nation's best-loved presenters travel around the globe to marvel at seven diverse natural wonders and meet some of the two billion members of the Commonwealth. [HD] [AD,S] 
17:00Tribes, Predators and Me 1/3. Shark People of the Pacific: Gordon Buchanan joins a family in a tropical paradise to learn how to swim with sharks. Freedivers teach Gordon about sharks and how to survive them. [HD] [AD,S] 
18:00Fighting for Air Dr Xand van Tulleken stages the first ever large-scale experiment of its kind, looking for ways to reduce air pollution in the UK. Can air quality be improved for a single day? [HD] [AD,S] 
19:00Inside the Factory Curry Documentary series. Gregg Wallace explores the Nottinghamshire factory that produces 250,000 jars of curry sauce each day. Cherry Healey helps harvest chillies. [HD] [AD,S] 
20:00Dragons' Den A father-and-son team face potential wipeout as they pitch a colourful take on the wetsuit. A pair of ex-politicos go from Westminster to the web as they take on the energy market. [HD] [AD,S] 
21:00Eight Go Rallying: The Road to... ...Saigon. 1/4. Four celebrity duos drive over 3,000km in a fleet of classic cars. Contains some strong language. [HD] [AD,S] 
22:00Supercar, Superfam Documentary following the lives of two brothers who own a supercar workshop in Essex. Contains some strong language. [HD] [AD,S] 
22:35Man Like Mobeen 1/4. Bagpuss: Comedy. Mobeen receives a surprise visit from armed police, who arrest Eight on suspicion of supplying drugs to schoolkids in Small Heath. Contains very strong language. [HD] [S] 
22:55Man Like Mobeen 2/4. Wifey Riddim: Mobeen realises that he might not be the best role model for his little sister. Contains some strong language. [HD] [S] 
23:20Just Jim Film Dark comedy. Things look up when a lonely Welsh lad forms a friendship with his mysterious American neighbour, but is it all too good to be true? Contains very strong language. [HD] [2015] [S] 
00:40Countryfile Nottinghamshire Matt, Ellie and Steve are in Nottinghamshire where Matt reports on the plight of the original Bramley apple tree and there's a double hit of wildlife from Ellie. [HD] [S,SL] 
01:35Holby City Bargaining Tensions between Roxanna and Gaskell come to a head as they clash over the treatment of a patient close to their hearts. Serena crosses paths with a new porter. [HD] [AD,S,SL] 
02:35This Is BBC Two HD Highlights of programmes on BBC Two HD. [HD] [S] 
06:00An Island Parish: Sark Winter 6/6. The Times They Are A-Changing: Series following the community on the island of Sark as they try to balance the island's uniquely old-fashioned qualities with modern initiatives. [HD] [AD,S]