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Listings for BBC 2 Wales on Saturday, March 24 2018

03:45This Is BBC Two Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. [S] 
06:10The Wonder of Animals 12/12. Birds of Prey: Chris Packham explores what makes animal groups successful. What enables birds of prey, from peregrine falcons to bald eagles, to rule the aerial roost? [AD,S] 
06:40Naomi's Nightmares of Nature CBBC. 4/10. South Africa: South: Naomi Wilkinson's global search for nightmarish critters takes her to South Africa where she delves deep into a scary subterranean world. [S] 
07:10The Pets Factor CBBC. 9/10. Scout, Baraka and Jack: Documentary series. It is a first for Cheryl when she performs an extraordinary operation on a 16-year-old goldfish called Baraka. [S] 
07:30The Dengineers CBBC. Magical Library Den: Mark and Lauren get the help of experts to design dream dens for children. Eleanor, ten, loves books, so the team bring the library to her - a magical library! [S] 
08:00Absolute Genius: Monster Builds CBBC. 4/8. Massive Movers: Dick and Dom go supersized when they trace the origins of the ideas that have made shifting heavy weights a whole lot easier. [S] 
08:30Beyond Bionic CBBC. 4/30. Seal: Andy Torbet is on a quest to match the swimming skills of the seal. This challenge takes him to Alaska, for a swim in freezing lake water under a sheet of solid ice. [AD,S] 
09:00Robot Wars 4/6. Dara O Briain and Angela Scanlon host the robot fighting show. Competing in this round are Supernova, Frostbite, Wyrm, High 5, Crushtacean, Ironside 3, Pulsar and Apex. [S] 
10:00Gordon Buchanan: Elephant... ...Family and Me. 1/2. Gordon Buchanan tries to gain the trust of a herd of elephants in the wilds of Kenya to film this uniquely intimate portrait of their family life. [AD,S] 
11:00Famously Unfit for Sports Relief Les Dennis, Susannah Constantine, Tameka Empson and Miles Jupp go on a mission to regain their fitness and try to inspire the public to get active. Contains some strong language. [AD,S] 
12:00Coast 8/10. The Hidden History of Harbours: Coast ventures to the furthest flung reaches of the British Isles looking at harbours, which were once Britain's gateways to global adventure. [S] 
12:30Planet Earth 11/11. Ocean Deep: Series showing our planet in its natural glory. A look at the largest of all habitats, the ocean, which encompasses 90 per cent of all the living space on the planet. [S] 
13:30The Repair Shop 6/15. Jay Blades and the team repair a water-damaged rosewood table, an antique French steamboat and a much-loved but threadbare panda bear that holds many cherished memories. [S] 
14:00Conference 2018: Plaid Cymru Coverage and analysis of Plaid Cymru's spring conference in Llangollen. [S] 
16:00The Secret Helpers 1/5. Dan and Brett: Ten Brits embark on one of the toughest weeks of their lives with the secret advice of strangers from around the world. [AD,S] 
17:00Me and My Dog: The Ultimate... ...Contest. 4/4. Chris Packham hosts as owners and their dogs compete. The finalists compete in a triathlon involving a 2km bike race, a 100m open-water swim and a 1.5km cross-country run. [S] 
18:00Hugh's Wild West 11/12. Wildlife enthusiast Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall meets the creatures and nature lovers that make the West Country so special, this time exploring the Somerset Levels. [S] 
19:00Saving Lives at Sea Documentary series following the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. When two yachts capsize off Portsmouth, the crew must make fast decisions about who to rescue first. [S] 
20:00David Attenborough's Natural... ...Curiosities. 6/6. Ferocious Fighters: David Attenborough investigates the Siamese fighting fish and the kangaroo, examining why both species fight and what skills a winner must have. [AD,S] 
20:30Dad's Army 4/7. We Know Our Onions: Classic wartime sitcom. Mainwaring and the platoon take part in a Home Guard efficiency test using Jones's van, which happens to be full of onions. [S] 
21:00Picasso's Last Stand Documentary revealing the untold story of the last decade of the great artist's life, through the testimony of family and close friends. [AD,S] 
22:00A Late Quartet Film Drama. The cellist of a famous string quartet announces to his fellow musicians that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Contains some strong language and some sexual content. [2012] [S] 
23:40Safe Haven Film Drama. The mysterious Katie moves to a quiet village in North Carolina, where she is slowly letting love back into her life. But then the secrets from her past come to the surface. [2013] [S] 
03:30Civilisations 4/9. The Eye of Faith: Professor Mary Beard explores the controversial topic of religion and art. How, and at what cost, do different religions make the unseen visible? [AD,S] 
06:20Coast 6/6. The Secret Life of Beaches: Coast explores the glorious diversity and delights offered by our beaches. Nick Crane discovers what it is like to live on Britain's most unusual beach. [S] 
07:20The Instant Gardener 10/10. Garden transformation show. In Croydon, Danny and the team create a Jamaican-style garden for owner Carmen, who needs somewhere tranquil to remember her lost daughter. [S]