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Listings for BBC 2 on Saturday, February 16 2019

05:20This is BBC Two Highlights of programmes BBC Two. 
06:45All Over the Place Ed Petrie and his friends discover a carrot cake that contains no carrots in Singapore, explore the hilltop city of Shimla, and more. [S] 
07:15Wild & Weird Tim and Naomi search the natural world. Featuring a volcano with blue lava and the mystery of fairy rings in Namibia. [S] 
07:30All Over the Workplace 9/10. Alex Riley takes two young rookies into the workplace. Harry and Mia visit the set of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to learn what it takes to be theatre performers. [S] 
08:00Top Class 2/17. Quiz show. In this heat, West Leigh Junior School from Essex take on St Pius X Preparatory School from Lancashire. Will one of them be top class? [S] 
08:30The Dog Ate My Homework Iain Stirling is joined by child team captains Charlotte and Harriette and special guests Sam Nixon, Mark Rhodes, Suzi Ruffell and Ray Bradshaw. [S] 
09:00Deadly on a Mission: Pole to Pole 12/12. Special episode looking at the very best experiences Steve and the crew had on their global search for deadly animals. [S,AD] 
09:30Nature's Microworlds Steve Backshall looks at a world of intricate relationships and unexpected hardship in the Amazon rainforest, and explores the way that the jungle's inhabitants interact. [S] 
10:00Natural World 4/14. Documentary looking at the variety of wild animals inhabiting the Himalayas, from monkeys, wolves and bears to foxes, snow leopards and pheasants. [S] 
11:00Homes Under the Hammer Martin Roberts, Dion Dublin and Martel Maxwell meet the developers who have purchased homes in Liverpool, Alfreton in Derbyshire and Rowelton in Cumbria. [S] 
12:00Rick Stein's Long Weekends 3/10. Rick enjoys a long weekend in Berlin, where he samples delicious seasonal creations like pureed sunflower seeds, Jerusalem artichoke flans and crushed frozen pine nuts. [S,AD] 
13:00Food & Drink 8/10. Highlighting all that is excellent in food and drink. Angela Hartnett shows how to create a pizza bianco using rich and creamy taleggio cheese. [S,AD] 
13:30Best Bakes Ever Jane Asher brings together a selection of recipes from the nation's favourite TV chefs. Whether it's cakes, pies, puddings or main courses, this greatest hits of baking is a must. [S] 
14:00Escape to the Country Jules Hudson is in Hampshire with a couple who love the outdoors and have 650,000 to buy a property that gives them the best of both countryside and coast. [S,AD] 
15:00City in the Sky 3/3. Science broadcaster Dallas Campbell and Dr Hannah Fry explore just what it takes to bring the citizens of the sky back to the ground. [S,AD] 
16:00Money for Nothing Junk makeover show. With the help of artisans Jay Blades, Ray Clarke and Josh and Oli, Sarah Moore hopes to transform two tip finds into profit-making treasures. [S] 
17:00Natural World 5/10. David Attenborough picks ten animals that he would most like to save from extinction. From the weird to the wonderful, he shows why the creatures he chooses are so important. [S,AD] 
18:00Back in Time for School 6/8. The class embrace the new world of the 1980s. With robots, early computers and synths, the kids get to grips with Britain's new high-tech future. [S,AD] 
19:00The Great British Sewing Bee Joe Lycett presents as the sewers create a 'wiggle dress' and transform three items of denim clothing, before having to fit real live models with made-to-measure jumpsuits. [S,AD] 
20:00River Walks Blind adventurer Amar Latif takes us along one of Yorkshire's most stunning river valleys. He abseils into a hidden gorge, canoes across a reservoir and meets the local llamas. [S] 
20:30Dad's Army 7/14. Classic sitcom featuring the Home Guard of Walmington-on-Sea. The platoon is sent a huge naval gun - but how does it work? What's more, where is it pointing? [S] 
21:00Williams: Formula 1 in the Blood Film In-depth documentary looking at the life and career of Sir Frank Williams. Contains some strong language and some upsetting scenes. [2017] [S] 
22:45Mayans M.C. 5/10. A mission in Mexico turns deadly for the Reyes brothers, daring all for Adelita. Contains strong language, some sexual content and some violence. [S] 
23:50Mayans M.C. 6/10. Galindo risks meeting a ransom demand, while EZ faces a disposal problem. Contains strong language and some violent scenes. [S] 
00:40Norfolk Film After a mercenary is given a final mission, his relationship with his son is threatened. Contains very strong language. [2015] [S] 
02:00This is BBC Two Highlights of programmes BBC Two.