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Listings for 4music on Friday, March 27 2020

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
07:00Wake up With Pandora! The only place to be this morning is right here! Join @pandoratweets for the biggest hits, the hottest goss and a whole lot more! 
07:55Fresh Mornings Your day starts here! Join us as we've compiled for you all the freshest hits from your favourite artists that'll help you get ready for the day ahead in no time! 
08:30Fresh Forward Abbie McCarthy shines our Fresh spotlight on the biggest new artists and releases this month - with a new drop from Tom Grennan and live music from UK indie rockers, Sea Girls. 
09:00Top 10: UK Hotlist Will Best counts down the UK's most-streamed tracks of the week, as compiled by Spotify 
09:50Fresh Focus: Sea Girls Welcome to the home of brand new music! Join Yinka Bokinni as she meets indie rockers Sea Girls, and soaks up two unmissable live performances. 
10:005 Seconds Of Summer's Mixtape Join Aussie tearaways 5 Seconds of Summer as they guide us through their ultimate playlist including tracks from 1D, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran plus many more. 
11:00Hit Mornings With Pandora! The only place to be this morning is right here! Join @pandoratweets for the biggest hits, the hottest goss and a whole lot more! 
12:15Scrubs My Drive-By When Turk saves a man's life at the local taco stand, he tries to keep his ego in check as Dr Cox takes all of the credit. 
12:45Scrubs My Changing Ways With their residency over, JD, Turk and Elliot experience big changes. JD moves out to live on his own, while Turk and Carla consider family matters. 
13:10Keeping Up With The Kardashians S11 E10. Kris decides the family needs "Communication Therapy" when she and the girls continue to bicker. Meanwhile, Kylie is finally ready to celebrate her new home. 
14:00Don't Tell the Bride Brand new series: Romantic groom Ash wants to pull off the Most Romantic Wedding ever, but his bride-to-be Vicki shuns anything corny. Will she be left feeling totally love 'sick'? (Ep19) 
15:00Don't Tell the Bride Excitable groom Jonny plans an adrenaline-fuelled wedding for his bride-to-be Kate, who favours something simple. Will Jonny's big plans send Kate over the edge? (Ep15) 
16:00Charmed Wicca Envy Rex reveals his true colours and uses his warlock abilities to frame Prue for stealing a priceless tiara, intending to blackmail the Halliwells into surrendering their powers. 
17:00Charmed Feats of Clay Phoebe's ex-boyfriend turns up with a mysterious Egyptian urn, and Piper misguidedly attempts to use her powers for matchmaking purposes. 
18:00Sabrina The Teenage Witch Sabrina runs into Katrina who steals her Other Realm passport and goes to the mortal world to wreck her life. 
18:30Sabrina The Teenage Witch Sabrina goes undercover at Morgan's sorority to land a newspaper reporter slot, but has second thoughts. 
19:00Scrubs My Intern's Eyes JD struggles with decision-making and responsibility now that he is an attending physician, while Elliot starts learning the ropes at her new hospital. 
19:30Scrubs My Rite of Passage JD questions the bond he has with his interns when Dr Kelso tells him that inevitably he will begin treating them badly. 
20:00How I Met Your Mother Arrivederci, Fiero Marshall, Ted, Lily and Robin are sad when they learn that Marshall's trusty car is broken and reminisce about their adventures in it. (S2 Ep17/22) 
20:30How I Met Your Mother Moving Day Barney steals Ted's removals van with his belongings in it when he discovers that he's moving in with Robin. He makes Ted complete challenges to get it back. (S2 Ep18/22) 
21:00Beautiful Creatures Film (2013) Fantasy romance starring Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert. A student who yearns for adventure gets more than he bargained for when he meets a new pupil who has a magical secret. 
23:20New Girl Heat Wave The temperature rises as Nick and Reagan compete to see who can provide the loft apartment with the best air conditioning unit during a heat wave. (S5 Ep9/22) 
23:50New Girl Goosebumps Walkaway Jess returns from her stint doing jury service and attempts to uncover the real identity of a fellow juror who was sequestered with her. (S5 Ep10/22) 
00:15New Girl The Apartment Cece gets ready to move into the loft but struggles to pack up her old apartment in time. Jess must finish the school budget in a big hurry. (S5 Ep11/22) 
00:45New Girl D-Day Jess helps Schmidt with his wedding preparations when Cece is distracted by a new offer of work. Winston and Nick compete over whose job is hardest. (S5 Ep12/22) 
01:10Kevin Can Wait The Back Out Kevin and Donna befriend Peter and Jackie, a local chiropractor and his wife, but things go painfully awry when Kevin calls in at Peter's surgery. (Ep16/24) 
01:40Kevin Can Wait Unholy War Kevin learns his childhood rival Terry is trying to reserve the church for his daughter's wedding on the same day as Kendra wants to have her ceremony. (Ep17/24) 
02:05Kevin Can Wait Neighborhood Watch Kevin concocts an elaborate deception about a vandalised mailbox to avoid spending time with Donna's cousin and her talkative but dull husband. (Ep18/24) 
02:30Xena: Warrior Princess When the Persian army lands, intending to capture Greece, they expect easy pickings -- but Xena and an injured Gabrielle are in their way 
03:104Music's Latest Vids We're bringing you the newest and best videos right now to see you through the night! 
03:30Teleshopping Teleshopping 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping