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Listings for 4music on Sunday, December 16 2018

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
07:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
07:30Drake Vs Kanye Two of the biggest guys in music battle it out, with all the hits from Drake and Kanye West back to back! 
08:00UK Music Video Chart Of The Year We've teamed up with YouTube to compile a chart of the most watched videos that's packed with future hits and all the biggest tracks around! 
09:30Sigrid: Live Sessions We meet Sigrid, who performs live and exclusively for Box Live Sessions! 
10:00Fresh Forward: 2018's Best Bits We take a look back at this year's biggest new acts and releases out there. 
11:00Video Crush Does Christmas Join our panel of viewers as they rant, rate and review the biggest christmas music videos. Expect pop bangers, earworms as standard, and a few curve balls. 
12:00Trending Live: Weekly Best Bits Missed Trending Live? Don't worry Munya has all the best bits from the last week! 
13:00UK HOTLIST Top 20 of 2018 Will Best counts down the UK's most-streamed tracks of the year, as compiled by Spotify. 
14:30Little Mix's Magical Christmas 20 The UK's biggest girlband Little Mix snuggle up infront of the fire and chat carols, crackers and all things Christmas and give you a rundown of the greatest festive tunes of all time. 
16:25Sabrina The Teenage Witch S7 E7 Sabrina decides to go out on a date as a mortal and entrusts her magic to Harvey. Her date only wants to put her in his zoo. 
16:45Sabrina The Teenage Witch S7 E8 Sabrina sees a concert of a pop star that is being blackmailed by a gangsters. Sabrina gets threatened by the same underworld character. 
17:15Sabrina The Teenage Witch S7 E9 The girls visit Miami for Christmas and have a run-in with Roxie's mom who gets accused of robbing their timeshare. 
17:45Sabrina The Teenage Witch S7 E10 The girls audition for a television talent show with a bit of help from Sabrina's magic. 
18:15Sabrina The Teenage Witch S7 E11 Sabrina gets a job for Morgan to provide clothes for a celebrity photo shoot, but in the end has to fire her. 
18:45Sabrina The Teenage Witch S7 E12 Their house must undergo an Other Realm magical systems check without Roxie or Morgan learning about it. Finally Sabrina uses her magic on Roxie to gain her trust. 
19:10Sabrina The Teenage Witch S7 E13 Sabrina wants to know why she keeps running into the same guy and has to go through Wonderland before she can learn the answer. 
19:40Sabrina The Teenage Witch S7 E14 Sabrina casts a spell to eliminate all her flaws to make herself perfect. 
20:10Sabrina The Teenage Witch S7 E15 After Sabrina's room turns into a circus tent, she must walk up and down the tightrope until she finds a balance in life between boyfriend, friends and her job. 
20:35Sabrina The Teenage Witch S7 E16 Sabrina gets tongue tied around Aaron and turns herself into a smooth talker. Her duplicate Cyrano tries to steal Aaron and Harvey confesses his love for Sabrina to Roxie and Morgan. 
21:058 Out Of 10 Cats: Xmas Special! Jimmy Carr hosts a Christmas edition of the show. Featuring special guests Jack Dee, Lorraine Kelly, Josie Long and Christopher Biggins, led by captains Sean Lock and Jason Manford. 
21:558 Out of 10 Cats: Xmas Special! The comedy panel show's cracking Christmas special, hosted by Jimmy Carr. Team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson are joined by Jedward, Micky Flanagan, Liza Tarbuck and Greg Davies. 
23:00King Of The Hill Peggy gets a reputation for draconian discipline after spanking one of her students in class. 
23:30King Of The Hill After Hank's old football coach takes over, Bobby quits football and turns to the kinder, gentler world of soccer, which Hank and Peggy find disconcerting. 
23:55King Of The Hill Hank inadvertently causes Kahn to lose his job. 
00:25King Of The Hill Both Luanne and Bobby are enticed by the charm of "self-proclaimed" genius Rad Thibodeaux, much to the dismay of Hank. 
00:50Broad City Ilana gets a new opportunity at Deals, Deals, Deals; Abbi tries to keep her competitive side in check at Soulstice Games Day. 
01:15Broad City Jaime and Ilana receive a large extermination bill and decide to throw a party to recoup the costs; Abbi goes on a mission to meet new people. 
01:45Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Mimi and Nikko reveal their relationship status; Stevie J, Joseline, Benzino and Althea discuss the fight at the reunion. 
02:30Fonejacker Christmas Special The king of prank calls returns for a festive special as he looks for targets up and down Britain to call and confuse. 
03:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping