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This service allows you to convert video files for use on the Nokia 770 and N800 Internet Tablets or Windows Mobile device.

Enter a URL (i.e. a YouTube or Google Video page, or direct link to a video file) or upload a file (maximum 42MB) and the conversion process will happen before your very eyes. Once complete, download the file and play back on your Internet Tablet, or choose "Open" from Opera's download dialogue and have it streamed back to your device!

This service is currently offline due to the bandwidth requirements. Sorry. On Maemo devices, I suggest you investigate UKTube.

[VidConvert] bookmarklet - add this to your bookmarks or favourites for rapid access from Google Video or YouTube.

For Flash-video based sites other than YouTube or Google Video, there is a page with another bookmarklet to get you the FLV link which can be pasted above.

Ensure you have permission to reproduce or transmit the video in question, in particular in relation to copyright law. Also, be aware that I (or any other user who guesses the key for your video) can see the videos you submit. Logs are held of all videos which are transcoded, and you agree that I will not be held responsible for any loss whatsoever connected with your use of this service.

At the moment the smallest preset is used, resulting in relatively poor quality video. However, this is necessary for bandwidth and time reasons. Also, note that the resulting videos will be deleted after 24 hours. The queue size and number of resulting videos (/ 10) can be seen live.