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Re: Formatting listings like the radiotimes website

Lawrence Carvalho <lawrence@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The output looks really nice Richard, but putting on my web designer
> hat for minute, can you change the output slightly to make it more
> accessible. At the moment if you disable css styles, it's rather hard
> to read.  Using it with a screen reader would be rather painful. On
> way to make it more accessible is if each day could be a list with
> each channel outputted as a nested list within it.. The actual css
> changes would be minimal I think.

thanks, that's a really good idea.  Should be easy to implement too.
I didnt really think too hard about the "correct" way to do things,
just made it work (i havn't even looked at the page in anything other
than Mozilla-based browsers).  I will take a look at that this