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Re: [TV] bleb.org needs to move

Hi Andrew,

Here's an off the wall idea and not completely thought out......

Is there a way of distributing the bandwidth by a number of us volunteering to co-host the site at the end of our broadband links ? Almost like a distributed processing idea ?

I can't think how you can do it at the moment because you'd need it to appear as one site at the user end whilst being distributed amongst the co-hosts....

Food for thought.



Andrew Flegg wrote:

Hi all,

Some unfortunate news I'm afraid (but not entirely unexpected and not in
any way unjustified - it's just a perfectly valid decision taken by
someone else): the machine hosting bleb.org needs to move.

I've outlined some of the options at:


If I've missed a possibility, I'd appreciate an email. Other comments
welcome as well.