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Re: [TV] Enhancements & bugs?

In list.comp.tv, Simon wrote:
> First the bug. It seems that the last program entry in the individual 
> xml channel listings is missing an <end> element.

Yep. At the moment the framework doesn't allow for it to be added. The
problem arises because you can only know the last programme's end time
when you get the next day's listings. But because I always fetch +6 and
shift the rest down, it'd involve updating +5 when fetching +6. There's
also the issue that increasing number of channels aren't 24-hours, so
would need an end-time coded for each of them.

(Actually the latter case would be trivial to add. Each channel's XML
definition would have a "end-time="..."" element added which the
framework could add automatically. Some channels like E4 vary their end
time, however, when showing stuff like Big Brother)

> Secondly the enhancement. The individual program xml files go past 
> midnight for each listing but because there is only one date in the file 
> it's not easy to work out which programs occur on the next day (or 
> indeed which programs  traverse the  day).  Would it be possible to add 
> a <startdate> element for each program ?

Theoretically - I'll have a think about it.



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