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Available channels


First up, I'll admit it, I'm a refugee from the land of the defunct XMLTV
Radio Times grabber. I'd looked at bleb before but RT had a wider
selection of channels, so I went there first. I use the XMLTV listings in

Bleb looks excellent in terms of ease-of-use & reliability, at least
compare to the flaky RT grabber. However obviously there are a number of
channels "missing". The biggest (for me) of these would be :

i) the "extra" Discovery channels e.g. Discovery Civilisation, Sci-Trek,
Wings etc.

ii) "Plus-one" channels e.g. UK Gold+1, Discovery+1, etc. I'd like these
in the XMLTV I import into SageTV so that it can resolve conflicts by
recording off the relevant +1 channel instead.

For the first of these, is there any prospect of extra channels being
added? How hard is this to do - what do you need in order for it to
happen? Is there the concept of per-channel "grabbers" you run against the
Channels' websites?

For the latter (plus-one channels), has anyone got a method that could
trawl through an existing "normal" channel listing XML file, adding 1hr to
all the program times & hence derive a +1 listing? I'm sure I could cobble
something together myself (in Java most likely, for my sins - I'm no perl
hacker I'm afraid, yet at least) - but I'd rather not reinvent the wheel.

Cheers for any thoughts!