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Enhancements & bugs?

Hi Andrew,

I'm using your xml data as a front end to a "homebrew" PVR. I've noticed what I believe is a bug (although I stand to be corrected) in the data. I would also like to add to the functionality wish list.

First the bug. It seems that the last program entry in the individual xml channel listings is missing an <end> element. I first noticed it because I look for the end times of each program in order to calculate the duration for a recording and my program threw a panic when it couldn't find the text for the element. I've programmed around it by catching the exception but you may not be aware that it's missing.

Secondly the enhancement. The individual program xml files go past midnight for each listing but because there is only one date in the file it's not easy to work out which programs occur on the next day (or indeed which programs traverse the day). Would it be possible to add a <startdate> element for each program ?