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Re: [TV] Source code, GPL and licenses...

Paul Webster wrote:

What I'm not seeing is the grabber source.... any suggestions?
Looking at dgc2xml.pl, I'm guessing that you have URLs for Digiguide
data for some sites.
Just to be clear on one point .. the .DGC facility is for DigiGuide User
Channels rather than DigiGuide's own data.
i.e. for those User Channel owners that would like to have their data shown
in Bleb ... the facility exists.

Scraping listings from DigiGuide's web site is something that they would not
agree to at all.

See the foot of http://www.bleb.org/tv/

Yep, that's how I meant it.

I'm aware that Digiguide don't allow scraping and don't want to provide an XMLTV service.

I think I remember Andrew saying that some channels provide him with .DGC format data directly.