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Re: [TV] [Fwd: WGET Script Problem]

OK thanks I will try it like that too. I Actually did get it working now, but by removing the spaces in the -U string. I guess it was just frustrating to not know a solution to the actual problem.

FYI. I now will try to use XML2EPG (I think its called that) to take the info I get via WGET and put that into the EPG data of VDR. I'm a little bit spoilt by the channels here in Germany supplying a lot of EPG data that sometimes goes multiple days into the future. I just installed a second Dish so I could get BBC on Astra 28.2 and was surprised that there are only ever two EPG entries, NOW and NEXT. Your data looks like the solution.

Thanks for the great work on your site.

Cheers Brian

(Also an IBMer)

Andrew Flegg wrote:

In list.comp.tv, Brian wrote:





This is basically the problem. I've come across it myself when doing
things, the /easiest/ way to sort it would be to replace these two lines
with just one which calls wget directly:

    wget -U"$APPL" -O"$LOC" "$TVDATA"