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Re: [TV] [Fwd: WGET Script Problem]

somehow the post got corrupted.
The "days=3D-1,1,1" stuff (in various places) should read "days=-1,1,1". Not sure where those extra "3D" characters came from.

Cheers Brian

Brian Dorling wrote:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: WGET Script Problem
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 13:57:34 +0100
From: Brian Dorling <Brian_Dorling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: tvdevel-request@xxxxxxxx

as I am new to this, maybe someone can help even thought it is slightly

My BBC WGET Script 27/02/2004 V1.00
wget -U'For Linux VDR from Germany (brian_dorling@xxxxxxxxxxx)'

--13:30:57--  http://linux/
           =3D> `'bleb-xmltv.bz2''
Resolving linux... failed: Host not found.
--13:30:58--  http://vdr/
           =3D> `'bleb-xmltv.bz2''
Resolving vdr... failed: Host not found.
--13:30:58--  http://from/
           =3D> `'bleb-xmltv.bz2''
Resolving from... failed: Host not found.
--13:30:58--  http://germany/
           =3D> `'bleb-xmltv.bz2''
Resolving germany... failed: Host not found.
--13:30:58--  http://(brian_dorling@xxxxxxxxxxx)'/
           =3D> `'bleb-xmltv.bz2''
Resolving t-online.de)'... failed: Host not found.
           =3D> `'bleb-xmltv.bz2''
Resolving 'http... failed: Host not found.

My WGET script fails as shown above. But just issuing the command in a
shell works OK as shown below:

vdrpc:/usr/local/src/XMLTV # wget -U'For Linux VDR from Germany
(brian_dorling@xxxxxxxxxxx)' -O'bleb-xmltv.bz2'
           =3D> `bleb-xmltv.bz2'
Resolving bleb.org... done.
Connecting to bleb.org[]:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: unspecified [application/x-bzip]

    [   <=3D>

] 19,114        37.94K/s

13:30:24 (37.94 KB/s) - `bleb-xmltv.bz2' saved [19114]

Has anyone any ideas what is wrong? Obviously its staring to parse the -U
parameters as a URL, but why?

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