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Re: [TV] [Fwd: WGET Script Problem]

In list.comp.tv, Brian wrote:
> somehow the post got corrupted.
> The "days=3D-1,1,1" stuff (in various places) should read "days=-1,1,1". Not 
> sure where those extra "3D" characters came from.

It's an encoding of =, "=3D" - equivalent to "%2D" in a URL, for
example. Dunno why your original post needed encoding, but something
thought it did.

Anyway, you wrote:
> as I am new to this, maybe someone can help even thought it is slightly
> off-topic:

That's not a problem.

> My BBC WGET Script 27/02/2004 V1.00
> wget -U'For Linux VDR from Germany (brian_dorling@xxxxxxxxxxx)'
> -O'bleb-xmltv.bz2'
> 'http://bleb.org/tv/data/listings?days=-1,1,1&format=XMLTV&file=BZIP2&channels=3Dbbc1,bbc2,bbc3,bbc4'
> Has anyone any ideas what is wrong? Obviously its staring to parse the -U
> parameters as a URL, but why?

Sounds like the quotes are being lost. What platform/language is the
script written in? Can you paste it into a list posting/put it online



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