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Re: [TV] Bleb2xmltv testing feedback

Hi Andrew,

I've checked the bravo xmltv feed today and all is well with the 24:00 time issue.

However there is still a problem with the stop time for the last item on each channel. For example with bravo for day 6...

<programme start="20040218030000" stop="20040217000000" channel="bravo.co.uk">
<title lang="en">Close</title>

stop time has been incorrectly guessed as there was no endtime tag for this programme in the original bleb data.

This isn't a major issue, as xmltv programs processing the data should drop the item as a programme can't have a stop time before a start time, however it would be nice to see it fixed and should only require that a correct end time tag is added to the last programme of the bleb data..(don't know how hard that is to do though)?


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