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Re: [TV] Bleb2xmltv testing feedback

In list.comp.tv, James wrote:
> I've checked the bravo xmltv feed today and all is well with the 24:00 time 
> issue.


> However there is still a problem with the stop time for the last item on 
> each channel. For example with bravo for day 6...

><programme start="20040218030000" stop="20040217000000" 
                   YYYYMMDDHHMMSS?       YYYYMMDDHHMMSS?
> stop time has been incorrectly guessed as there was no endtime tag for this 
> programme in the original bleb data.

Indeed. The data just isn't available. There's also a question on
whether or not "Close" items should be included. If they weren't, of
course, then that file would end up with a final item with an end time

> [..] should only require that a correct end time tag is added to the
> last programme of the bleb data..(don't know how hard that is to do
> though)?

Sorry for taking your quote out of context, but there's yet to be a
consensus on here for the "correct" algorithm for choosing a final end

There have been various heuristics suggested - perhaps involving having
some information in the channel format listings to say whether or not
the channel broadcasts 24/7 or fixed stop-times etc.

Patches to TV::Fetch would be appreciated:




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