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Re: [TV] Data files

In list.comp.tv, worm wrote:
> 	Finally got LWP::UserAgent working so I can sort out my own
> 	fetching etc- but what is the preferred emthod of downloading?  I
> 	have found the tar.gz auto downloading feature very useful, but is
> 	that heavy on the server compared to file-by-file requests?

The bulk download may well become the preferred option. If it's easier
for you, then I'd definitely recommend using it.

> 	Secondly, do you simply move files down a day and add in day 6
> 	every day, or do you regenerate the whole list?

The files are shifted down and then any missing files are fetched (which
would include day 6 and any failures from previous days).

This is done by "fetchtv.pl" in the source archive:




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