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Re: [TV] Bleb2xmltv testing feedback

In list.comp.tv, James wrote:
> More testing feedback...sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

No, it's much appreciated :-)
> The broadcastingdata feeds (i.e bravo/challenge) etc have the anomaly of 
> using a 24 hour time values which can contain (24:00,24:35,24:59). These are 
> obviously not correct for a 24 hour time system.. the values should read 
> 00:00, 00:35, 00:59...etc

Indeed. I'd added some normalisation code but only invoked it if $v >
2400, not $v >= 2400. Now fixed. It may take a few days for the
anomalous files to work through the system.

I've also taken the opportunity to prefix <start> and <end> values with
extra zeroes to pad out to 4 characters.

Today's bravo.xml should exhibit both of these behaviours.



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