This week's UK TV & radio

Congratulations on being true to the origins of web browsing. These fancy new browsers supporting web standards, such as CSS, just detract from the pure accessibility goodness of this site.

RSS access

Andrew Smithson has produced an RSS interface to the TV listings which are hosted here.

Each individual channel page now lists it as an alternate source which, for example, Firefox will use to do live bookmarks:

A site is enabled for Live Bookmarks when you see this icon on the bottom right corner of the browser. Clicking on the icon and selecting an RSS feed will bring up the Add Bookmark dialog. Select 'OK' and you will see Live Bookmarks with the rest of your bookmarks. Many people find it especially convenient to save Live Bookmarks in their Bookmarks Toolbar folder.
Live Bookmarks

Alternatively, RSS aggregators can be pointed to:

Where "channel" is the short name of the channel and "offset" is the offset from today (eg. 0 is today; 1 is tomorrow etc.). For example BBC 1 today.

If you have any questions or comments, please raise them on the mailing list.