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Re: [TV] Limit to 10 channels in listings script?

On Sun, May 22, 2005 at 05:32:24PM +0100, Andrew Flegg wrote:
> On Sun, May 22, 2005 at 05:21:23PM +0100, Simon Huggins wrote:
> > Is this correct?  Should I just request 10 channels, then the 11th
> > that I want and then merge them? :p
> In the short term, if you want more than 10 channels: yes.

This turned out to be trivial so I'm doing that.

> Part of the problem is the inefficient way the XMLTV is generated - it
> was supplied unoptimised and, as I have no need for it myself[1], it
> hasn't had much of my attention put on it.

That's a dangling footnote btw.

> At some point soon I hope to improve both the efficiency of the bulk
> download in general, improve the speed of the XMLTV generation and
> ensure that the XMLTV generated best implements the spec (eg.
> timezones etc.)

I just hacked up http://zurg.org/listings for me quickly once upon a
time based on a pile of other people's (not amazingly clever) code but
it works.

Using XMLTV for me at least means if you should ever disappear then I
can use data from somewhere else - though I've no idea where I'd get it
from ;)

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