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Re: [TV] Recent problems

On Wed, 20 Apr 2005, Andrew Flegg wrote:

> Hi,
> The thought is to have a new process outside of the framework[1] which
> takes the bleb-XML and converts it, statically, to a fragment of XMLTV.
> This fragment will be stored as a static file (just like the bleb-XML),
> and the bulk download will provide a suitable header, concatenate the
> requested fragments and then append a suitable footer.

That sounds like a good plan although it seems like a bit of work to get
there <smile>. My suggestion, if you didn't have time for that sort of
thing would be to cache the returned whole return results on a daily
basis (or maybe just the return results for known problem sets, such as
'all days, all channels') and return them. Then the datasets would only be
processed on the first request of the day, and subsequent requests just
stream that one result set to the requester. It's a little more lo-tech
than your solution, but would probably offset the processing overhead you
were seeing with less work on your part.

Gerph <http://gerph.org/>
... blah.