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Re: [TV] Occasional nonsensical stop < start in listings

On Sun, Mar 13, 2005 at 04:56:29PM +0000, Ed Avis wrote:
> <programme start="20050314012500 +0000" stop="20050313000000 
> +0000" channel="south.bbc1.bbc.co.uk">
> It would be better for your generator to check for this and filter out
> these programmes (or perhaps omit the stop time if it is wrong and
> the start time is correct).

Unfortunately it's not that simple, as the XMLTV is generated from the
application of some XSLT which doesn't handle this case well. It's been
discussed in the mailing list archives and there's no trivial fix.

I'll try and find some time to investigate it further though.
Alternatively, if anyone wants to hack at it, feel free...




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