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Aligned times now available


Just FYI, there are now aligned times available in the multiple-channel
view. For example:


This is still a stop-gap until the full view behaviour is implemented.
This behaviour is expected to be:

   * "View styles" can be defined. This will allow account holders to
     define a named style, saying things like:
        . group everything before 6pm, and show only titles
        . between 6pm and 11pm, align times and show descriptions
        . after 11pm, align times, but show only titles

   * A "View" can then be defined which combines a set of channels
     (eg. BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4 and five) with one of the user's
     view styles.

The user's defined views will then appear in the navigation menu.

Also, you'll have noticed the box has fully moved now. As per some
people's request, the "Make a donation" link is now more prominent, but
I'd like to emphasise that I'm still running this for my own benefit and
fun - donations are *not* expected (but are of course appreciated!)



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