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Need more info

I'm trying to get Radio listings - but I think the same problem happens with
TV listings.

I have used wget on http://bleb.org/tv/data/listings to download the
listing in xmltv format. That works fine but doesn't give me all of the

For example tonight on radio 3  the xml shows:

<programme start="20050126193000" stop="20050127000000"
  <title lang="en">Celebrating Jackie</title>
  <desc lang="en">
    The cellist Jacqueline du Pr&amp;#233; would have been 60 to
    day. Her international career lasted just a handful of years before the
onset of
    multiple sclerosis, which stopped her playing and lead to her death at
the age
    of just 42.

whereas if I go to:


I see much more information and a list of all of the music that is being

Is there any way to get that extra information in a download?



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