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Re: [TV] bleb.org needs to move

On Sun, Jan 16, 2005 at 07:32:31PM +0000, Ivor Hewitt wrote:
> True but you might want to check the spiders aren't pulling all of the 
> datafiles down too.

Yep, will do.

> > Ahh; and if it downloads all 6 days every morning, that could be it.
> > I said though, isn't XMLTV now better catered for by radiotimes.com?
> >
> You'd think so, no criticism of you but they do now provide a better feed 
> simply because they clearly tweak them manually and add ratings and 
> categories by hand. After all that's what they employ people to do.

Indeed. That then leaves me wondering if there's any need for the XMLTV
stuff anymore...

> > See my other message for thoughts on this.
> >
> Yes I was reading my email backwards! :-)

It's also been a quick moving discussion :) Reading forwards can be
dangerous when you've got a backlog though: many times at work I've
replied to an email without checking that there's a later one with more
facts - not going to make that mistake again ;-)



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