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Re: [TV] Started developing a project in VB


Thanks Gareth, that looks like it'll be very useful. I might see if I can do
the same kind of thing with Picture Boxes as I can then implement clicking
on the programs to get more information. Although, a form with hundreds of
picture boxes might be rather slow and unstable! :-(

Thanks for all your hard work

Robin Wilson
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Sent: 3 July 2004 12:36
Subject: Re: [TV] Started developing a project in VB

> > selected channel. I am stuggeling to find a way to make a
> > timeline which would be a much nicer way of displaying the information.
> >
> > Has anybody got any ideas?
> Hi, I dunno exactly what you meant by digiguide-esque but I've spent
> this morning doing some coding in response to your email.
> I've attached the file to this message at its only about 3kb but if the
> file doesn't make it to the list then try:
> http://encore.ath.cx/files/TVTimeline.zip
> This is just the timeline, it does not download data or decode XML, it
> is provided as is as a demo or starting point for you to develope
> further. Some dummy data is inserted into the map so that you have
> something to play with and the code is commented so it should be easy
> enough to rip appart and put back together how you like it.
> This may or may not be what you were thinking of and you may find it is
> in need of some improvement, e.g. it doesn't allow you to add the option
> of clicking on a program in the timeline for more info as its drawn
> directly onto the form, the timebase is currently midnight to midnight
> and I'm not sure how it will react to the windows 'large fonts' setting
> (that has a habit of messing up stuff that relies on fonts being a
> certain size).
> If anyone can use it please do, just pop me a credit in somewhere.