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Re: [TV] Started developing a project in VB

I've done something similar in HTML and CSS (http://www.nodetraveller.com/index.php?option=com_uktvguide&Itemid=39). I positioned elements containing each program using absolute positions and I'd expect the process to be similar in VB. From memory, heres how I did it...

You calculate the duration of each programme in terms of hours eg 1.5 hours. This is the width of your programme "box". Obviously a programme 15 minutes long is only gonna be 15 pixels wide so you multiply the width by a figure to extend the width of the box. I used something like 5 so the box is now 75 pixels wide. This doesn't seem that wide but don't forget most programmes are at least 30 mins long and you don't want a really long box for something like a film. Beware that the last programme before 6am doesn't have an end time so you can't get a correct duration/width so you'll have to check for that and make 6am the end time. A kludge, I know..

You then just position each box where the previous box ends eg left +width. Hope this helps and at least you won't have any cross browser issues to worry about!

Robin Wilson wrote:


Just to inform you all, I have started developing a TV Guide project in
Visual Basic. So far I have managed to load the XML data in and display it
in list boxes (ie. you select a channel in one list box, then a program in
another, and then it displays info about that program). I have managed (just
about) to make it tell me what program is on at the moment on the currently
selected channel. I am stuggeling to find a way to make a DigiGuide-esque
timeline which would be a much nicer way of displaying the information.

Has anybody got any ideas?

Also, may I just give my thanks to Andrew for supplying this service. I had
been searching for ages to find a free TV information service, and I have
now found one! Thanks


P.S. I can post the current source code and/or .exe file on a website for
people to download if they're interested.

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