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Re: [TV] Download all listings

In list.comp.tv, worm wrote:
> Is ther an easy way to download all available channels?
> I'm using LWP:;UserAgent at the minute, but am doing so including a long
> lisat of channels, and wondered if there was an easier way to request
> 'all' channles to come in the tar-gz file?

Hmm, no - not at the moment. I'm also in two minds if it's a good idea 
or not. Usually some kind of UI would need to be offered to the user, 
and if you weren't expecting twice as many channels all of a sudden, 
then that could be bad (from a usability point of view)

But I can also see why it'd be really useful.

> All is working well anyway - so congrats o nkeeping the service going :)

Cool. I'm going to be incommunicado for the next few days as I'm off on 
my honeymoon (preliminary photos of the wedding at 
http://www.bleb.org/photos/wedding/). So if anything breaks, tough I've 
got more important things on my mind!



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