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Re: [Xmltv-devel] New UK XMLTV grabber for bleb.org

Andy Balaam wrote:

Hi All,

I've knocked up a first go at a Perl XMLTV grabber for bleb.org, downloading UK listings. It is attached.

Well, I'm glad someone got around to one. I've been mega busy at work atm and it doesn't look like slowing down. That and my struggling with perl has made progress real slow.

It uses the Grab_XML.pm module to download listings supplied at the site in XMLTV format.

Which is fine but suffers from the same problems as my bash script. The XMLTV format is formed on the server using the same XSL transformation as my script uses. This takes a naive view about the times (times < 0600 are tomorrow). There's an alternative algorithm suggested by John Knottenbelt in the bleb list archives but it doesn't fit the XSLT approach well.

It is designed to act just like the other XMLTV tools.

Which makes it much more likely to be included into XMLTV.  Good show.

Chris Moore

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