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Re: [TV] downloader/converter for tvguide.exe

hehe, ok got the message :)
ive got a shell script working now, adapted from the one given in the
example, which works with  TVGuide.exe now
(i couldnt get wget working with the urls as it didnt like the ampersands
(using DOS on windows) so had to use the bourne shell supplied with
all you need to do is alter the script to get it to save the xml files for
each channel in a directory on a webserver
then adjust your tvguide.ini file to point to those files instead of the
ananova urls.

# Get yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's listings in XMLTV format
CHANNELS="bbc1 bbc2 itv1 ch4 five"

for ch in $CHANNELS
wget -U 'My TV Fetching application (steeev@xxxxxxx)' \
-O 'bleb-xmltv.zip' \
wzunzip -o bleb-xmltv.zip
mv -f data.xml $ch.xml
rm bleb-xmltv.zip

PS did someone mention a  tv_grab_uk_bleb, which would be usable with
anyone know how to set this up?


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In list.comp.tv, steve wrote:
[Ivor wrote:]
> > Why not use the bleb2xmltv feed instead?
> >
> > http://www.bleb.org/tv/maillist/msg00108.html
> cool, i missed that message, cheers,
> i will give it a go :)

Yeah, it'd definitely be better - parsing the bleb HTML is a Really Bad
Idea[TM]. There's absolutely no guarantee that it won't change under you
in a way you won't expect.

Please, for the love of all that is good and right, *don't* parse my
HTML! The XML is designed to be much easier to parse (the XMLTV stuff
may be harder, but "blebXML" is easy enough)



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