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downloader/converter for tvguide.exe


Ive written a downloader/converter in coldfusion (v4.5) that downloads and
converts the tv listings from bleb.org for the TV Guide program (
http://www.serveyourself.co.uk/tvguide.htm ) (personally i prefer this
program to the similarly named TV_Guide). Like other TV guide programs
before it, it relied on the XMLTV formatted listings provided by
ananova.com. If a new source of XMLTV formatted listings were made available
then this downloader and convertor script wouldnt be necessary as you could
just replace the ananova urls in the tvguide.ini file with the new xmltv
listings file locations.

What my program does is grab the html listings pages from bleb.org rather
than the xml files, as i felt it would be quicker to convert those pages
into the necessary format required by tvguide, (it uses its own simple
format which has a .raw file extension)
if anyones interested, they can get the script here:
also a small custom tag is required, sleep.cfm which can be got here:
the script needs to be run once a day, as tv guide only displays the tv for
the current day, the tvguide.ini file would also need to be edited to match
the channels downloaded by the script, a corresponding tvguide.ini file for
the above script can be viewed here: http://steeev.f2o.org/test/TVGuide.ini

i doubt if anyone on the list uses coldfusion, or has ever heard of the tv
guide program, but thought possibly someone somewhere might be interested :)


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