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Re: [TV] XMLTV transcoder and SageTV

In list.comp.tv, Neil wrote:
> The XMLTV spec does say that the time zone is optional, and that the time
> can also be truncated (so you could omit seconds, for example), so your data
> is completely valid, from what I can see. It should really be the SageTV
> importer that is fixed, to be honest.

One of the problems with putting a timezone on is that it should be
correct. Presumably this means during BST the timezone should be +0100.
Also, do the times then reflect GMT or the local time?

> Mind you, an option to force timecodes on all times in your transcoder
> wouldn't be too bad would it, or am I just chancing it now? ;)

Heh. An option would be possible - basically the combined XML file would
need to tell the XSLT (presumably through an attribute) what the
timezone should be.

I'll wait a while to see what other people think about adding timezones
- and whether or not the time should be local or GMT. I can imagine it
being GMT breaking some other importers.

I might even allow you to specify a timezone option of "+0000" or
"+0100" - then you can have the problem of deciding if it's summer time
or not! ;-)

> BTW, thanks for providing such brilliant data, and for making it so easy to
> get. You've made it so much easier to get a fully-integrated HTPC working.

Thanks :-)



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