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RE: [TV] XMLTV transcoder and SageTV

Hi Andrew,

I should have said: both Showshifter3 and BeyondTV3 seem to work fine with
the data from the transcoder as-is. SageTV's importer is just being a bit
too fussy.

It may be that it is simply assuming that all data will be like the XMLTV
grabbers, which do seem to put a timezone on all times.

The XMLTV spec does say that the time zone is optional, and that the time
can also be truncated (so you could omit seconds, for example), so your data
is completely valid, from what I can see. It should really be the SageTV
importer that is fixed, to be honest.

Mind you, an option to force timecodes on all times in your transcoder
wouldn't be too bad would it, or am I just chancing it now? ;)

BTW, thanks for providing such brilliant data, and for making it so easy to
get. You've made it so much easier to get a fully-integrated HTPC working.
It's a bit shocking that there's virtually no other way to do it currently,
even with a subscription service.


- Neil.

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> In list.comp.tv, Neil wrote:
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> > The XMLTV output almost works beautifully with SageTV's 
> importer, but 
> > it seems to need the "+0000" on the end of all the times [...]
> > 
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> >
> > Is there any chance of the transcoder generating the times in this 
> > format, or does that break other importers?
> Well, it'd be easy to add. I don't know, however, about any 
> other importers. Further comments welcome.
> Cheers,
> Andrew
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