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Re: [TV] Rules for downloading data

On Thu, 29 Jan 2004, Andrew Flegg wrote:

> Also, since some people are using controls which don't allow changing
> the user agent, a query string can be used on the fetch containing the
> application name, eg:
>     wget http://www.bleb.org/tv/data/listings/0/bbc1.xml?BobsHomebrewTVApp

that's a good idea; and as a bonus, makes it much easier for me!

i'm not a perl hacker or anything, but i've managed to adapt the scripts
written by Anders Lindahl [http://k76.ryd.student.liu.se/tv/ it's in
swedish, i'm afraid] to grab the tv listings from bleb on a nightly basis.

i just need to put a sensible delay in now. any suggestions on a bit of
code for that?

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