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Re: UK TV Listings source - bleb.org

[Cross posted to mythtv-users and tvdevel]

Adam Wood wrote in mythtv-users:
> Has anyone stepped up to take a look at this yet? If so, who should I be
> directing my offerings of help towards?

Hi, as the guy running bleb.org I know a couple of people are looking at
- or at least talking about it.

It might be worth dropping by my mailing list - details at the bottom of
http://www.bleb.org/tv/ - and seeing if anyone's seriously working on it

As I say in the message Mark links to, ideally I'd like to see a
transcoder/translator or similar I could host on bleb.org which, through
a web interface, would make the XML needed available in an easily
downloadable bundle. For example, you specify:

    * Channels (eg. bbc1, bbc2, itv1)
    * Days (eg. -1, 0, 1, 2)
    * Format (eg. "bleb" XML, XMLTV)
    * Compression (eg. zip, tar.gz/bz2)

Then the XMLTV grabber (`tv_grab_uk_bleb' or whatever) can do something like:


    wget -U "bleb.org XMLTV grabber, author:foo@xxxxxxxxxxxx" \



Andrew Flegg -- mailto:andrew@xxxxxxxx  |  http://www.bleb.org/