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Site changes & code uploaded


Since Ananova is no longer providing TV listings, the old site has now
been shut down. Therefore the "new" site is now live at

I've also fiddled a bit with the site layout and written a "fetcher" for
the XML files which are downloadable from bleb.org.

I've uploaded this, along with some of the other backend code to:


This licence is the Artistic Licence. Details of which can be found


It will almost certainly require modification to be used. Patches to
allow easier reuse are welcome, as are any other suggested improvements.

Things which would be handy:

    * proper POD documentation
    * an XMLTV fetcher
    * a "bleb" XML -> XMLTV transcoder suitable for standalone use
      [TBH, I'd prefer transcoding the XML rather than doing it with the
      TV::* modules]
    * additional fetchers for any other sites/channels etc.

Any questions/comments welcome as ever.



Andrew Flegg -- mailto:andrew@xxxxxxxx  |  http://www.bleb.org/