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prepare for the deluge

as i'm sure you're aware, ananova pulled the plug on their xmltv friendly tv 
listings. this leave your site as one of the few (if only sights) that 
provide good quality tv listings for the uk. dispite the fact that i live in 
ireland, this data is very important to my experiments with mythtv.

i know that you are aware of mythtv as i've read the mailing list archive.

right now for xmltv users in the uk and ireland their are a number of choices:

- get the data from the bbc site using tv_grab_uk_rt
  to be honest i don't think this is a runner

- get the data from bleb.org
  this seems very promising but i suspect if all the mythtv users suddenly
  move over to your site then you will have a bit of a problem

- use your code and run it locally
  you talk about making your code available so that we can grab it ourselves.
  i for one, would be very eager to have a look at it. rather than generating
  your xml i would like to feed it directly into my mysql database.

- build a distributed network of grabbers
  this would spread the load. as more sites joined this netwrok, maybe we
  could add new sources of data and build up a very high quality corpus of
  listings data

i would appreciate feedback on these ideas

simon kenyon