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Re: [TV] text search app

In list.comp.tv, Adrian wrote:
> Err, oops, just checked and my code DOES strip off tags.  I wrote it ages
> ago and forgot.  Never mind, I will have many more questions if I persevere
> with what I want to do, so hello anyway.

Hello, and welcome to the list :-)

> What I'd like to do is to write a simple app which would download TV
> programs a few days in advance and search on a number of words and phrases.
>  If such a thing already exists I'd appreciate it if someone could point me
> to it, otherwise as time permits I'll make a first stab at it, suggestions
> welcome.

I don't know of anyone working on something like this. One thing I'm
planning (along with a load of other stuff) is the ability to subscribe
to some key phrases and any programmes that match those words are
emailed to you on a daily/weekly basis. But that's something different
to what you're looking at and, TBH, with my work load at present...



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