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Re: [TV] Strill trying to get my head round this..

In list.comp.tv, nic wrote:
> Does bleb tv2 run a script to grab data from each channel's website and
> output it in xml? And is the only way to use this XML, to grab it from your
> site?

Yes & yes.
> how often is this data produced?

Every morning, around 6am.

> when I click on BBC1 (on the website) it is very slow, why is this?

The server is currently underpowered and overstretched. It's being
looked at.

> also I can click a program and stuff like subtitles, widescreen and a link
> appear. Where is this from? is this stored in the xml?

This is the <infourl> tag in the XML.

Hope that helps,


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