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Hi Andrew / list...

I've got around the html entities problem for now, so it's not such an issue
- basically I try to load the file into a DOMDocument, if it doesn't load
then I grab the responseText and do a find/replace of the known entities
(the only ones I've found so far are &pound, &eacute, and &shy, has anyone
come across any others?) with the appropriate character code, and then
attempt to load the string back into the DOM.

A couple of questions about the feed:

Do you have plans to provide the E4 schedule in the tv2 feed? I notice you
have it in the original /tv feed...(or are you keeping the best ones for
yourself :-) !!!

Is it correct that the last programme on each channel has no <end> or
<duration> node?

and if I'm using the system after midnight, after what time can I assume
that the 0 directory will contain the next day's schedule?

many thanks,


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