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Re: [TV] Re: XML Parsing

In list.comp.tv, Andy wrote:
> I see there's been some discussion already about the use of HTML entities in
> the xml files. Correct me if I'm wrong - but I don't think the files are
> valid XML if they contain these entities.

I've heard different opinions on the matter. What I think the best thing
to do is to change the character encoding to UTF-8; stop encoding the
entities and have UTF-8 characters instead. However, I suspect this may
cause more problems for people than it causes.

> I'm using MSXML to load the files,[....]

One interesting thing I heard today: apparently IE can sometimes
auto-add a file to your Favourites if it's XML and the root tag is
<channel>. Specifying my own namespace may prevent that, but I'll not
have time to look into that too closely yet. After all, I've still not
finished the user-facing parts of the site!

> Thanks for a great free resource!

Ahh, it warms my heart ;-)



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