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Listings for Watch on Sunday, November 25 2018

03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:15My Dream Home Property renovation series hosted by Drew and Jonathan Scott. The twins help single mother Anna, who is ready to invest everything she has in a dream home of her own. S5 Ep3 
07:00My Dream Home Drew and Jonathan Scott help people transform extreme fixer-uppers into the ultimate dream home. Angela and Ro are looking for a spacious property in a great neighbourhood. S5 Ep5 
08:00Doctor Who Day of the Moon Sci-fi adventure with Matt Smith as the time travelling hero. In the United States in the 1960s, the Doctor fights an alien force called the Silence. S44 Ep2 
09:00Doctor Who The Curse of the Black Spot Sci-fi adventure with Matt Smith as the time travelling hero. The Doctor is stranded on a pirate ship and must face the deadly Siren. S44 Ep3 
10:00Doctor Who The Doctor's Wife Sci-fi adventure with Matt Smith as the time travelling hero. Following a Time Lord distress signal, the Doctor puts everyone in danger. S44 Ep4 
11:00Doctor Who The Rebel Flesh Sci-fi adventure with Matt Smith as the time travelling hero. A solar tsunami liberates doppelgangers from their humans. S44 Ep5 
12:00Doctor Who The Almost People Sci-fi adventure with Matt Smith as the time travelling hero. The Doctor must convince the terrified workers at the factory to trust their doppelgangers. S44 Ep6 
13:00Doctor Who A Good Man Goes to War Sci-fi adventure with Matt Smith as the time travelling hero. An alien army is assembled to fight the Battle of Demons Run. S44 Ep7 
14:00Doctor Who Let's Kill Hitler Sci-fi adventure with Matt Smith as the time travelling hero. The Doctor lands in Berlin during the 1930s and learns a hard lesson. S44 Ep8 
15:00Outnumbered The Cold Caller (Part 1): The acclaimed sitcom that strikes a chord with parents and children alike. Ben is determined to enter a school talent competition with an unusual double act. S4 Ep5 
15:40Outnumbered The Exchange Student (Part 2): Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner are put-upon parents in the brilliant sitcom. Mum must decide what to do about Jake's girlfriend. A new guest arrives. S4 Ep6 
16:20Outnumbered The Hamster / Rites of Passage: Award-winning family sitcom. Karen has trouble adapting to big school, Ben auditions for the school musical and Jake makes a foolish fashion choice. S5 Ep1 
17:00Dynamo: Magician Impossible Street magician Dynamo travels across the Channel to Paris, where he stuns crowds at the Eiffel Tower and the Moulin Rouge. Back in the UK, he astounds Coldplay in their studio. S4 Ep3 
18:00American Housewife Can't Hide it Anymore In the finale, Katie is under pressure to volunteer at her children's schools, so she hits upon a way of getting out of it - pretending she is pregnant. S1 Ep23 
18:30American Housewife The Snowstorm The family camping trip Greg has planned is cancelled when a snowstorm knocks out power to the Otto home, so he uses the blackout to set up a 'camping at home' experience. S1 Ep11 
19:00Inside the Vets Agatha Reality series following the staff at Montgomery Vets. Visiting the vets this time are a young puppy with a worrying heart condition and a poorly bird of prey. S1 Ep15 
20:00Emma Willis: Delivering Babies Emma is on the labour ward, a consultant-led maternity unit for higher-risk mums-to-be. Forty-one-year-old Nicola and her husband Gavin are her first patients of the day. S1 Ep5 
21:00Louis Theroux: Behind Bars Louis spends two weeks in California's notorious San Quentin State Prison, meeting some long-term inmates and getting to grips with their intriguing inner culture. Ep7 
22:00Stacey Dooley Investigates... ...Sex, Stags and Prague. Stacey Dooley investigates a stag's last night of freedom in Prague, a city with brothels thinly disguised as massage parlours and gentleman's clubs. S7 Ep2 
23:00Motorway Cops Highway Robbery Real-life drama following Britain's traffic police. PCs Griffiths and Toal are involved in a high-speed chase which takes them into Birmingham city centre. Ep4 
00:05999 Rescue Squad More real-life drama with Yorkshire Ambulance Service's Hazardous Area Response Team. The medics are called to support a bomb squad, and help a teenager impaled on a gate. S1 Ep4 
01:05Secret Life of the Ballroom Documentary series following five novice dance couples who have just three months to master six ballroom and Latin routines, competing against each other every fortnight. S1 Ep1 
01:55The Strain Madness The third series of the supernatural drama from the mind of Guillermo del Toro. New information forces Setrakian to seek help from his lifelong nemesis, Eldritch Palmer. S3 Ep5 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.