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Listings for Watch on Sunday, November 17 2019

03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:10Tipping Point Another tense edition of the quiz show in which four players take on an extraordinary machine in the hope of winning a cash jackpot. S2 Ep30 
07:00Tipping Point Ben Shephard hosts the exciting quiz show in which four players take on an extraordinary machine in the hope of winning a jackpot of 10,000 pounds. S2 Ep31 
08:00Tipping Point Ben Shephard watches on as four more courageous contestants step up to take on the extraordinary machine in an attempt to win a cash jackpot. S2 Ep32 
09:00Tipping Point The tense quiz show with the extraordinary machine! Ben Shephard introduces four more contestants who prepare to play for up to 10,000 pounds. S2 Ep33 
10:00Tipping Point Ben Shephard hosts the tense quiz show where four contestants stick their pennies into the giant slot machine for a chance to win a cash jackpot. S2 Ep34 
11:00Doctor Who Gridlock Adventure through space and time with David Tennant as the mysterious hero. The Doctor and Martha travel to the New Earth of the far future, where a trap awaits them. S3 Ep3 
12:00Doctor Who Daleks in Manhattan David Tennant's time-hopping hero here faces one of his oldest adversaries. In 1930s New York, the Daleks are at work on top of the Empire State Building. S3 Ep4 
13:00Doctor Who Evolution of the Daleks David Tennant stars in the sci-fi adventure for kids of all ages! As a Dalek Empire rises in 1930s New York, the Doctor must enter an unholy alliance. S3 Ep5 
14:00Doctor Who The Lazarus Experiment Another adventure for David Tennant's Time Lord. Martha returns home, but has to save her family from the schemes of the monstrous Professor Lazarus. S3 Ep6 
15:00Doctor Who 42 Adventures through time and space with David Tennant as the enigmatic Doctor. As a spaceship hurtles towards the sun, the Doctor and Martha have 42 minutes to save the day. S3 Ep7 
16:00Doctor Who Human Nature Fantastical adventures with David Tennant as the time hopping hero. England, 1913, and a schoolteacher called John Smith dreams of adventures in time and space. S3 Ep8 
17:00Outnumbered The Chinese Horde / Communication Skills: More family frustrations with the Brockmans. Jake tries to get home with no money or means of transport, while Ben meets some interesting strangers. S5 Ep5 
17:40Outnumbered Spartacus The Musical Family-based sitcom. Grandad is ill, which brings Auntie Angela and her new friend over from America, while Ben has a crisis of confidence over his starring role. S5 Ep6 
18:20Gavin & Stacey The Essex boys plan a big night out in Cardiff and a sleepover at Bryn's, but Smithy is concerned about seeing Nessa again. Meanwhile, Stacey tells Gavin about a worrying discovery. S3 Ep3 
19:00Inside the Ambulance Anna and Stuart head to the home of a former soldier who has fallen down some stairs and has a potential spinal injury. Jo and Laura treat a teenage boy having a seizure at college. S8 Ep3 
20:00999 Rescue Squad A student climber plunges from a cliff face in Wharfedale and the team fears he has broken his neck. The medics are also called to treat the victim of a stabbing at a meat plant. S3 Ep3 
21:00Inside the Operating Theatre Lyn has an investigation of her womb after a recent biopsy revealed abnormal cells and Steve is worried about only getting a local anaesthetic before his varicose veins are removed. S2 Ep5 
22:00My Famous Babysitter Rachel Riley Rachel Riley, at 12 weeks' pregnant, gets a glimpse of her own future as she cares for four girls in North Yorkshire - a week of cooking, discipline and dance competitions. S1 Ep4 
23:00Louis Theroux: Miami Mega-Jail Eye-opening two-part series with the ever buoyant Louis Theroux. Louis does time in an ultra-violent Miami prison, where cellmates live by a vicious gladiatorial code. S17 Ep1 
00:00One Born Every Minute Maternity series set on a buzzing ward in Leeds. Becky and John are naming their baby after their favourite Star Wars character, while Leah's partner will miss the birth. S4 Ep10 
01:00Women on the Verge It's the annual press awards, the Oscars of the newspaper industry, and both Laura and Katie are nominated, while Alison and Martin start making wedding plans. S1 Ep3 
01:35Women on the Verge Laura bumps into her first love, and after he suggests a drink she thinks he might want to rekindle their relationship. Katie is dating again and believes charismatic Sean might be the one. S1 Ep4 
02:05MasterChef USA MasterChef USA (8): Things are heating up in the culinary competition hosted by Gordon Ramsay. The eight remaining home cooks travel to Big Bear Lake to cook in the great outdoors. S8 Ep15 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.